From the Senior Pastor

Family gatherings provide a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with other family members, remember the road we’ve traveled together, and rediscover who we are. Within these web pages may be found pictures of our church family, people with whom we’ve walked in faith, people who have nurtured us in faith and the people with whom we’ve shared so many life experiences as the body of Christ. As members and friends of First United Methodist Church, we’re all part of the family of God, bound together by the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to be a team of people called to worship and learn and care and serve and give and be the body of Christ in this place and at this time. First United Methodist Church has been carrying out that task in an amazing way in the Salem community since 1803. It’s a great heritage and a great family, and we’re all part of it.

Welcome to the family! Welcome home!

Steve Bray