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What’s Happening at First Church, by Pastor Bass

New Bible Study Classes at FUMC

Wednesday Morning Study
Starting January 27th, we’ll begin studying together the Book of Ruth in our Wednesday morning Bible study. We meet at 10 a.m. in room 116. I have put together a student booklet for that study. You can download a copy at
Sunday School Class
My Sunday school class just started last week room (212). We will continue to explore the topic of how we can better read and understand the Bible. But this is a class in which you can feel free to ask whatever questions you have. Here’s a handout we are using that you can download. Make a copy and bring it on Sunday.

Pastor Bass

I Won the Lottery

If you have seen me around town or on Facebook with an extra wide grin, there’s a reason, lots of reasons, actually. It’s true. I won the lottery. In fact, I’ve won lots of them. I can’t think of a single person who has won more of them than yours truly.

No. I’m not boasting about my affluence, at least that I am aware.

No. I haven’t figured out a way to beat the system or rig the games in my favor. If I had, would I really tell you?lottery

No. I’m not just real lucky or have a genuine good luck charm.