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What’s Happening at First Church, by Pastor Bass

How Involved Should the Church Be (If at All) in Politics?

state and church
That’s the topic of a sermon delivered in the Genesis service not long ago. Several persons asked for a copy. Below you will find a link to it.

You Asked For It


For some time now I have been doing a series of sermons in Genesis entitled, “You Asked For It.” They are based on topics and questions that you have suggested.


Here’s a little survey that I would like for you to take to assist me with continuing this series.
You can reply to my personal email if you wish to keep your suggestions private.

1. A question on which I would really like to hear a sermon is…

2. A topic that I would like to see addressed in a Sunday sermon is…
because it…

3. A Bible story/verse that has puzzled me or on which I would like to hear is sermon is….because it…

4. I’d like to hear a sermon address….

Thanks for your help. I look forward to your responses.

Church is fun!

Pastor Bass