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What’s Happening at First Church, by Pastor Bass

The BIG Little Groups

I believe in small groups. So did Jesus. One of his first acts was to form a small group to teach and nurture 12 disciples and look how that came out! John Wesley began Methodist through small groups. Perhaps many of us have been a part of a small spiritual growth group (like a Sunday school class) and already know how vital they can be for nurturing our walk with God and with each other.

Here at FUMC we believe in small groups also. This coming year, it will be one of the goals we have to begin more of them. My own vision is to have more short-term elective small groups that will study together a topic (perhaps for 4-6 or even less sessions). Several of these would be offered at the same time so that everyone would have a choice (like elective classes in college). Possible topics might be parenting teens, marriage enrichment, a Mayberry Bible study, coping with grief, caring for the caregiver, divorce recovery, a study of the Gospel of Mark, the Book of Ruth, and much more.

What topics or subjects would you like to see covered in a small group?

Is there a topic you would like to lead in a small group?

Let me know by emailing me at

To help us do this, we are seeking a person good at planning and organizing to act as a small group coordinator. This person would work closely with me and others to come up with topics, to recruit group leaders, to promote the groups, and be of assistance to them in every way we can.


Getting Excited

Can’t wait for this coming Sunday (November 1, 2015). What a special day. Why?
For one reason, it’s All Saints Sunday. Here’s a great link to an article that explains about All Saints Sunday. Yes, we United Methodist’s believe in saints too!
Part of our celebration this Sunday will be to read the names of those saints among us who have died over the last year. While their names of read, we will light a candle to remind us that they are still with us. Also, everyone will have the opportunity to light a candle in memory of a loved one.
Another reason why this will be a great Sunday is that it’s also “Commitment Sunday.” At the end of each service, we all will have the privilege of turning in our “I Am Committed to Christ and the Church” cards for 2016. This goes so well with All Saints Sunday because one of the main reasons they are saints is their commitment. This is our opportunity to show our commitment as well.
In addition to all the above, we will also be celebrating Holy Communion in each service this Sunday.