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You Asked For It


For some time now I have been doing a series of sermons in Genesis entitled, “You Asked For It.” They are based on topics and questions that you have suggested.


Here’s a little survey that I would like for you to take to assist me with continuing this series.
You can reply to my personal email if you wish to keep your suggestions private.

1. A question on which I would really like to hear a sermon is…

2. A topic that I would like to see addressed in a Sunday sermon is…
because it…

3. A Bible story/verse that has puzzled me or on which I would like to hear is sermon is….because it…

4. I’d like to hear a sermon address….

Thanks for your help. I look forward to your responses.

Church is fun!

Pastor Bass

Did Jesus really call a woman a dog?

That’s the sermon topic this coming Sundaywoman dog

(August 7) in the Genesis service. It’s one in the continuing series, “You Asked For It,” based on subjects, questions, Bible passages on which you would like to hear a sermon. I’m still open to any you might wish to share.

The text is Matthew 15: (10-20) 21-28. It’s one that has puzzled and bothered Christians for centuries. Even the greatest of biblical scholars have been at a loss to fully exp

lain it. This Sunday I will share with you what I have learned and how I understand it, for I think there is a very powerful and relevant message here for us.

See you Sunday.

Church is fun!

Pastor Bass