Discipleship Team Update!

Hello All!

The Discipleship Team wanted to give an update to the church about our two meetings which we have held.  Our first meeting was on August 5th and our second meeting was on August 21st.  The Discipleship Team is a wonderful representation of First UMC with different ages and people from many active groups within our church.   The goal of our team is to align with the church vision statement and move Christians along their faith journey to becoming strong disciples for Jesus Christ.   What a big but wonderful job we have been given which we as a team all take very seriously.  

Our first meeting we discussed how to help people learn where they are as a Christian and disciple of Jesus Christ.  Our homework was to read the book Simple Church and two of our members researched a Spiritual Growth Assessment Tools from other churches around the country.  These Assessment Tools are for members or nonmembers alike to be able to take a survey to find where one is on their faith journey, and how we as a church help develop them into disciples of Jesus Christ. 

During the most recent meeting on August 21st we discussed three different example surveys from Church of the Resurrection, St. Stephen’s UMC, and Marion Methodist Church Survey.  What the researched showed, is most churches do not give this survey early on but once a discipleship plan is put into place.  The second point we took is the layout of the survey must be quick, simple, and an immediately response must be received.  

We also discussed the book Simple Church. We all agree First Church could use some simplifying. Though we did discuss how change will be difficult for staff and members alike.  We recognize and understand change is scary but needed.  

Finally, we discussed the question of “What Kind of Disciple do we want to see?”  We conversed over a few points of members being comfortable to invite others to church, children/youth exited to learn about God, being Christ centered, and ultimately we came back to the disciples we want to see should reflect our Vision Statement as a church.  

Our next meeting will be September 16th, and we will discuss our church Vision Statement and how we can align our team with this statement.  How do we make disciples out of our vision statement? Please continue to pray for our team as we dig into the vision statement and making disciples for Jesus Christ. 


Jessica Kauffman
FUMC Youth Ministries Coordinator

Discipleship Team Member