Expanding Contemporary Worship Deep Water Deep Update

Hello all!

The Genesis Deep Water team wanted to give you an update from our first meeting. We gathered with the Rev. Dr. Margaret Kutz, Pastor Alan’s Clergy Coach, and our team leader from the Deep Water Weekend, in order to set goals for our work. We discussed what each member brought to the team, and we prayed that God would guide us as we discerned the way forward for our area of work.

In between meetings, our team is reading excerpts from the books Shift by Phil Maynard and How to Start A New Service by Charles Arn.

We are also in the process of setting parameters & gathering demographics using the MissionInsite resource.

This past weekend several members visited different churches to learn how they have structured their services.

Stay tuned for updates as we move forward, and see any of our committee members if you have questions!

Ashley Powell
Expanding Contemporary Worship Team Member