Members of our

Healthy Church Team

Charles Dorsey 

Dale Foster 

Heather Ferguson 

Gary O'Hagan

Kristen Wilkes

Morgan Combs

Joseph Poarch 

Butch Johnson 

Alan Combs 

In-Person Event Guidelines follow The Technical Assistance Manual provided by the Bishop and the Virginia Conference. Events will include any organized in-person gathering / meeting whether indoor or outdoor. This includes events on the church property or off-site. All in-person events will need to be approved by both the Healthy Church Team and the District Superintendent using the In-Person Event Request Form. For this reason, the form will need to be completed and submitted to the Church Office at by the Event Request Timeline submission deadline listed below.


All events require attendance and Health Acknowledgement. All attendance and Health Acknowledgement information must be submitted to the Church Office at within 48 hours after the event and signed by the event leader.