Children Sunday School


RALLY DAY is a time of gathering and beginning all our church programs after the summer months. We have a dinner on the grounds with lots of activities for the children. We hope to have even more games this year with parents involved too. There is a wonderful coffee time that morning for everyone in the church to meet and fellowship. We have displays set up of various programs and groups that members can sign up for if they so desire. It is a joyous day of reuniting after summer vacations.

Puppet Ministry

All though our puppet ministry is still in the beginning stages, we have had success. We have puppets available for teachers to use in their classes. We have found some classes have enjoyed putting together their own puppet show to present to the other classes. We would like to improve this ministry by involving more Youth in presenting puppet shows that are more sophisticated. The children enjoy puppets and again it helps to make a lesson come to life. Puppets were used effectively in Bible School for several years. They are always a hit with the children! This is an ongoing project.

Children’s Bible

The Second graders received Bibles. We make sure we are giving them Bibles that are age appropriate. This year we gave out 24 Bible to our second graders. The confirmation class also received Bibles on the day they were confirmed. We gave Bibles to the Seniors who graduated this year during our graduate recognition service.


Our Nursery has undergone a great deal of change in the last few years. We feel that the nursery is often the entry level for many of our young families as they look for a church they can trust to keep their child while they attend the worship service. We have taken huge steps to provide a very nurturing, safe and spiritually loving environment for our little ones. The nursery has been newly painted, tiled carpeted and new toys have been bought, as well as reorganized. We have implemented Pagers for all parents with children under two years of age. We have staffed our nursery with six workers who are there consistently every Sunday, as well as volunteers form our church. We believe that having a consistent nursery staff helps parents feel secure. Our staff knows the children and their habits because they are working with them every Sunday. Our Nursery has expanded to support our added Genesis service. A nursery pamphlet is sent to our new church family parents, along with a book and a card of congratulation.