Children’s Worship

Children’s Chapel: Praise and Worship

The past three years FUMC has been gathering all the children during the Sunday school hour, once a month, for a chapel time of their own. Each group is responsible for a part of the service. For instance: the kindergartners may give the opening prayer, the first graders give the bible verse of the day, the three’s bring up the offering envelopes, the four’s help lead a praise song, the second graders lead in the closing benediction, the third graders lead in the Lord’s Prayer, the sixth graders lead in the Apostles Creed, and the fourth and fifth graders lead in the closing prayer. There is always a short children’s message sometimes given by an adult or through a puppet show. The children enjoy a great deal of singing and praise time. We are finding that this is a great educational tool in preparing children for worship, but also allowing them to experience worship on their level too. Now, when they go to church with their parents, they have a sense of what worship is. It helps to nurture them to be better participants in worship, as they mature

Children’s Extended Session

Children’s Extended Session is where your child goes when they are too old for nursery and too young for adult worship. The children are asked to come to the front of the church during the “children’s Message”. During that time we focus on relaying a message to the children that they can understand. After the children’s message, the children return to their parents or they may go with our teachers back to the Sunday school room # 103 where they will continue with a snack and activities that relate to the lesson. Parents may bring their child to this room right after Sunday school or the Sunday school teachers will take children to this room, if the parents ask them to. We will then bring the children into the church till the children’s message and return to this room at the conclusions of the children’s message. You will pick up your child after the worship service. We want your child to enjoy church as they mature and are able to sit for longer periods of time. A child is welcome to extended session if they are in kindergarten or younger; however we will take older children who have issues with sitting still. We want your worship time to be a time of spiritual peace.

Children’s Worship Packets

In a basket across from the elevators, the children have worship packets. These packets have things for the children to do in the worship service. They may take home everything in the folder except the crayons, which they return with the folder back to the basket at the end of the service. The packet helps children who are old enough to go to worship, but yet still find the service a bit over their heads in understanding. The packet has material that may relate to the service that day and the children may take the children’s devotion book called “Pockets” home with them. Children age five and under still go to extended session.