More news from the Discipleship Team!

Hello All! The Discipleship Team met on September 16th to further discuss how we can influence those attending our church by using the new vision statement (Seek a Relationship with God, Grow in Faith, and Serve God through caring for others).  There are many types of people in our congregation and we are exploring ways to guide each of them to grow in their individual relationship with God.  During our meeting, we listed various types of people that may attend one of our church services.   Some examples include: a non-Christian person visiting our church, a new family interested in becoming members, a person transferring their membership from another UM church, a person transferring membership from another church, a youth coming to Genesis with a friend, and a current member of our church that is retired and only attends a service.  What would these individuals need to move through our Vision?  What would that look like? 
Our team listed what is currently being done at our church to welcome/ inform current members and visitors as well assist them in seeking a relationship with God.  We then brainstormed other ways that we can build a better relationship with the various types of people attending our church.  Some of the ideas shared in our meeting include:  an improved greeting system, name tags, passing of the peace weekly, and an online directory.  There was also discussion of having a group of trained individuals who can guide newcomers attending services through mentoring, giving tours, providing information about all FUMC has to offer. We discussed how to better connect with new Christians or those exploring a relationship with God by providing a “Christianity 101” class.  This class would meet 3 or 4 times a year and focus on an overview of the Bible, prayer, and making connections with Christianity. If we can build a relationship with individuals seeking a relationship with God at our church, we can better lead them to the next step in their faith journey (i.e. small groups, Sunday school classes, etc.). 
Ashley Cross
Discipleship Team Member