Outreach and Diversity Deep Water Team Update

On Sunday, August 5th The Outreach and Diversity Team met and launched enthusiastic discussion on how to create a pathway of vision for our church, in which we can enhance our opportunities for service to others, while establishing spiritual relationships as we serve.  Ideas were shared as to how we can partner with other churches and nonprofit organizations to enhance and expand the scope and depth of our outreach. Discussion followed that by working side by side with others in a “ministry of engagement” we  can greatly expand diversity in our congregation. 

Our next meeting on August 26th will be to establish vision goals and focus on the criteria to “serve and care” for others. Before our next meeting we will be reading a chapter out of Phil Maynard’s book, Shift, called “From Serve Us to Service.” Please lift us up in your prayers that we would follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our work!


Shelia Barber
Outreach and Diversity Deep Water Team Member