Vision and Alignment Team Update

The Vision Committee met on Sunday, July 15 and Wednesday, July 18 to begin crafting a cohesive vision to move forward with the recommendations from First United Methodist Church’s Deep Water study. The Committee met first with Deep Water facilitator Rev. Marg Kutz to explore the concepts for church organization in Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger’s book Simple Church. The easiest illustration of the book’s theme is that a church should provide a way for individuals to enter the church (the foyer), a way for individuals to deepen their faith (the living room) and opportunities for more profound commitment (the kitchen). The book explains the necessity for creating a vision that FUMC can incorporate into the church’s organizational DNA, use to measure current church growth and programming, and permit movement of disciples from worship through small group study and onto service opportunities.
While the vision is not yet fully formed, the Committee asked itself the questions “what sort of disciples does our church want to create?” and secondarily, “what processes are necessary to encourage those disciples to grow in faith across church programming?” We have begun to hammer out what specific vision best embodies FUMC’s history and mission and will provide FUMC with the best opportunity for continued growth as individual members and collectively as a congregation. Committee members welcome questions or comments, and the Committee looks forward to reporting further on our work when we meet again in August.
The goal is to have a clearly enunciated vision that can be presented to Church Council at the late August meeting. Please continue to hold us in your prayers, and pray that our vision would be God’s vision for FUMC.
Christine Poarch
Vision and Alignment Team Member

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